Karel Nieuwland Architekten is a medium-sized architectural firm based in the city of Voorburg in the Netherlands.

The experience of Karel Nieuwland Architekten covers the whole field of urban planning, architecture and interior design for living, working, shopping, leisure, learning and care.

“The Perception of Space   is determined by Light   and Color.”

This painting by Pieter de Hooch from 1662 gives the essence of architecture, creating space by using light and color. The spatial layers of the canal in the background followed by the shadow of the entrance hall into the open courtyard. The sunny fa├žade seen through the stained glass window gives a strong sense of inside-outside. Light defines the contours of space and Color further accentuates the space.

“Perception and Memory   as the greatest Challenge”

In this moment frozen in time at least ten heads turn around to this center of attention. In this bustling piazza in the Italy of the fifties it is all about seeing and being seen. What happened here and the atmosphere of the place will live on in the memories of its visitors.
It is not our aim to create architecture that follows the current fashion but in twenty years is broken down and forgotten. We want to create spaces that people can still remember fifty years from now. The school they spent their childhood, the parents' house where they grew up, the place where they fell in love for the first time. To design these places is our biggest challenge.